Monday, August 24, 2009

I've been a bad girl...

Ok, get your mind out of the gutter! (Just kidding!) And no I didn't go on a binge or stop exercising. What I mean is that I have neglected my blog! Oh woe, woe, woe is me! And there are things to update so here it is, a fly by the seat of my pants, hope I get it right, not good enough but it'll do for now blog, lol!

First, had a doctor appointment a few days ago. I lost 7 pounds in the past 4 weeks for a grand total of 42 pounds lost since May. I only have 8 pounds to go till I reach my first goal! I'm so excited! To put it into perspective for me I thought about it in sticks of butter. If a stick of butter is 1/4 of a pound then, get this- I did the math, I've lost 164 sticks of butter... Wow. That's big. To put it even more in perspective- I can just about lift 50 pounds, for a very short amount of time... So, I've lost more than I can comfortably pick up. It's mind boggling. I was carrying it around already, and now I can't even pick it up.

Some things I have noticed: I can jog (very short distances) now without feeling like I am gonna fall apart. My back hurts a lot less (good bye girls, It's been fun, I'll miss you but my back sure as heck won't!). My feet no longer ache for days after I am done working. I can walk up my flight of stairs swiftly without getting out of breath. I actually ENJOY walking places. Etc... (On a different note, I am getting hit on at work too, not sure how to take that as I am quite happy with my hunny, but it IS flattering, lol!) I am happier and more confident too. Amazing things are happening for me.

Which leads me to the next part of my update- I got a car! This is a good thing in a lot of ways, but oh, the temptation to just drive everywhere instead of using my tootsies! I am going to try to be strong. The car is only supposed to be used for times that walking is not a good idea (grocery shopping, having to be somewhere quickly or after dark or in inclement weather, having to travel out of our little town, having to transport something too unwieldy to walk with etc...) I am going to try to stick to that because I KNOW that walking has been at least part of my transformative process. (I love getting to use big words, bear with me!) I just hope that my willpower will carry over to the transportation issue. Complete unrelated except that it happened in the same week- I got a kitty! Has nothing to do with anything, neither here nor there, but I wanted to share :D He's a sweet little stray that we've been feeding at work for a while that took to me so I took him home. Rufus is orange and SWEET as candy! Ok, done with that.

On to the next tidbit:
My hoop tape is on it's way!!! Whee!!! I've been needing to recover my hoops in the WORST possible way as some very mischievous children decided it would be a good idea to back spin my hoops on rough asphalt. Oh the horror! But, I get to recover them all pretty and sparkly, and I have enough tape to make more! Which means that miss Celeste is gonna be making some hoops and trying to get the community involved! Yay!

And finally, some concerns. Autumn is just around the corner and winter is at it's heels. I love these seasons but I am concerned. Most of my physical activity takes place outdoors, and while I can continue to walk on even some not so great days, layers and layers of bulky warm clothes are NOT conducive to hula hooping. So I have to figure out if there is anywhere indoors near by that I can hoop, or devise another form of activity. Any suggestions? I need your help people!! Also, I went through my clothes. I decided that I ABSOLUTELY refuse to wear anything that doesn't fit right any more, that makes me look dumpy or frumpy, or that gives me baggy butt syndrome. Refuse. Went through my clothes and proceeded to throw away about 85% of it... Yikes! All of my clothes now fit into one normal sized laundry basket, and there is not a stitch of it that is pants or shorts or even a skirt. Thank GOD that I wear the same size pants as my husband (for now) so that I have a little leeway on having to buy them! It's worth it to get all that out of my house, but it's kind of sad. Some of those clothes were sentimental to me. But it's in the past. Behind me. Over. Time to suck it up, take my licks and GO SHOPPING! The only problem with this scenario is lack of funding, but that's ok. I'm sure I'll figure something out. I think I know where to find a few thrift shops.

And with that I come to a close. It is of course way too late, as I put this off way too long, and I am way to tired. So I am off to bed. Tomorrow brings tire patching, auto insurance, car washing and perhaps clothes shopping. All followed by work! On the bright side, there are 2 days off behind that day of work, so I think I can survive!

Good night everybody!