Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lab results from the doctor and other random developments

I recently had a check up with my doctor just to get some blood work done and see where I am with my new eating habits and how they're affecting me. I've gotta say it looks great! I've gone from pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar wise, my kidneys are great, my blood pressure is perfect (110/70-120/76 lately) and she's very pleased with my over all health.

The only thing that didn't look great was my hemoglobin- I need to be remembering my iron supplement every day. I'm still struggling with anemia apparently. It's now technically within normal, but only barely over the low end. So that's something for me to work on- remember my multi-vitamin every day and eat plenty of red meat and other iron rich foods. Not a problem there cause I love that stuff anyways- I try to eat liver and greens at least once or twice a month, not more than that though because I could easily OD on vitamin A. I'm planning on looking into a food based liquid multivitamin/mineral supplement next time I go to the whole food market in town, I think that our bodies do better with food based vitamins and I'd have a better chance of actually absorbing all the nutrients I need.

Fitness wise I've added a new activity- horseback riding! I love it. I've only gone out once so far, but it's looking like it'll be a once a week thing. I have a friend with a gorgeous horse for me to ride. We'll be going out Tuesday mornings whenever I can make it. I'm so exited about this, always loved horses but never really had a chance to interact with them on a regular basis. I love that this works different muscles than the ones I normally use, my back side and thighs get a fantastic workout this way! This is wonderful because those are my most problematic areas- my waist is whittling down, my tummy is dissapearing and sadly my breasts are too... but my butt and thighs are stubbornly hanging on. *sigh* The riding should help all that I hope! If nothing else I'll have nice toned muscles and a higher metabolism out of it all.

Sill following a low carb lifestyle with the added bonus that my family is now on the wagon with me. Makes it a LOT easier to eat right when I'm not surrounded by all the wrong things. Added benefit that husband and son are now getting healthier too. We were having trouble finding clothes for our son because anything that fit him in the waist was so baggy everywhere else and was way too long. We had started shopping in the men's section for our 9 year old! Now he's slimming down and growing up and getting back into some of his old clothes that he'd out grown. He's also more active and happy over all. My husband is also enjoying the pounds dropping off. We've found that the guys aren't as sensitive to the carbs as I am, but even just dropping the refined sugars and starches is helping them tremendously. Lucky them- they can pretty much have whatever they want when we go out cause they don't suffer the consequences I do when I go off track. It helps that we don't go out to eat that much though.

FLog: So far just breakfast- scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and a cup of coffee
ELog: Just work today. Too hot to hoop :(

That's all for now, hopefully be back on again soon!

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