Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dusting off and getting back up!

Ah the joys of changing ones lifestyle for the better. There are highs and lows (endorphins and cravings anyone? lol!), but the thing to remember, no matter how bad of a day, week or even month that you have is that it's never too late to dust yourself off and get back up again. The sooner the better of course, but anything is better than staying down.

So, that's what I'm doing :D Had a bad couple of weeks which I now realize was at least partially due to the fact that I desperately needed to go shopping. When there's nothing in the house that looks good than all the bad stuff out there is irresistible. So, I stocked up on all my healthy eating faves and some shortcuts to help keep me on track. Fat free light yogurt? Check. Fat free cheese and sour cream? Check. Whole grain pasta? Check. Fresh salad veggies? Check. Low calorie snacks? Check. Better attitude? Big check! I even got myself a bar of 90% cocoa chocolate (heaven!!!) to treat myself throughout the week. Good thing about high cocoa content chocolate? LOTS less sugar and more of the antioxidants and such that are so good for you. It's also tasty as all get out, if you like dark chocolate and I do, so it's win-win!

So, aside from not eating very well I hadn't been as active. Not COMPLETELY my fault, but I didn't try very hard either. Basically the fair was in town so we had an INSANE weekend at work, followed by a tummy bug that kept me down and just being run down in general (gee, wonder why not eating right made me so tired, lol :P). So, today I got some new music off the internet and rocked out with my hoop for about 45 minutes. And I'll probably go to the park in a bit and do it some more. :D If you're interested in what I'm listening to at the moment for working out then I can recommend as a source for long high tempo mixes that have definately had ME moving at least. It's techno/electronica/dance that is just too bouncy for words. Makes me wanna dance, and that's saying something!

Something that I've noticed? Even though I wasn't doing so hot, I didn't actually gain back an appreciable amount of weight. I just stopped loosing as fast. Not sure if it's because I am just working with a higher metabolism or if I am sticking to smaller portions than I was eating, even if it was the wrong choices? Either way, everything still fits, and I just bought some new bras and underwear cause the other stuff was getting saggy and baggy. So progress continues and I am encouraged! Gonna find a pair of skinny jeans and work towards getting into them. It's a very tangible way to see how I'm doing, and it's even more encouraging than the scale numbers when I can comfortably get into something that didn't fit before. It's even more encouraging when that something gets too big, lol!

So, how are some of you (possible but unknown) readers doing? Have you ever fallen off the health wagon and had to catch up and get back on again? How do you catch yourself and what are some tools that keep you going strong?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another hooping video :D

Some progress I think, what about you?

I'm sorry!!!

Wow, it's been so long since I posted...

I'm sorry about that- life gets away with us sometimes! I'm still working towards bettering my health and life, I've just been so busy doing it that I forgot to write about it. So what's new?

Still hooping, and getting better if I do say so myself. Learning new tricks and getting ready to make some new hoops as I am trying to get others here in my tiny town interested and more fit! So I may be starting a hoop group in the near future. I should say trying to start a hoop group. A lot of the people I've mentioned it to have an attitude of "oh it's so great that you do that and you look awesome but I could never do it". Sigh. Time will tell. Also wanting to figure out a music solution. Namely- I use my mp3 player for music when I hoop- I want more external music, lol.

Ok, in other news- the "you've lost so much weight!" comments are starting to pour in, the clothes are falling off and I am worried about my finances as I need to get some that won't. There is a thrift store I can go to so hopefully that will help until I get where I want to be size wise and health wise. I've had a rough week or so as far as food is concerned, cravings and lower self control than usual. I am thinking it's one of 3 things, although I suspect it's a combination of all 3. I may just be pms-ing, I may be building more muscle and NEEDING more calories or I may be getting to the "I'm tired of trying so hard" phase and loosing sight of my goal. So I plan on starting a food journal again to get myself back on track, reassessing my goals, and focusing more on my body to determine if I am hungry or just being a greedy guts.

Some other plans in the near future are to step up to a walking plan (ok, that was bad, sorry!) and find other ways to be active. I still need some weight training to build upper body strength and muscle and I am considering something yoga-like for more flexibility, to help my back and to relax. Plus it'll give me something I can do on days that I just can't get out with my hoop. I also REALLY need to get back on the fruit wagon. (sorry again!) I've been lax in this department. Veggies too. Not that I've stopped eating them, I've just been making not so good choices...

Needless to say my weight loss has stalled momentarily, but I haven't gained so that's good at least. I am certain that I can get back on track now that I've realized what has been happening. I think a constant monitoring of self and reassessing is so important when one is working towards a goal. I am SO CLOSE to my first 50 pound goal- only 16 pounds to go! I can do it. I have a friend that has promised to take me horseback riding when I meet that goal and I am looking forward to it. I haven't been horseback riding in years, partially because I've been afraid to hurt the poor things... I am already looking ahead to my reward for my next goal. I am thinking perhaps a trip to an amusement park so I can ride roller coasters? I LOVE roller coasters, but the last time I went anywhere to ride them it was such a tight squeeze to get into the harness restraint thingies and I was worried that I might not be able to ride them again. I am being careful not to use food as rewards although I still have moments of "If I'm good all day I can have a cookie" or "If I'm good all week I can have a small order of chili cheese curly fries on Friday". I really need to stop that. Food is food, not a reward. I have to remind myself that if I want something I can have it, I just have to decide if it's worth the calories and plan on adjusting for them the rest of the day...

So that's the news. In a nutshell- still hooping, had bad week, not perfect, want to add different exercises, horseback riding, roller coasters and chili cheese fries. Doesn't sound all that much like a health blog does it? lol!