Sunday, July 11, 2010

Buddies, veggies and fruits. Oh my! Part 2 or is it?

Ugh, I am having the MOST difficult time keeping consistent with this thing. I don't know if anyone is actually reading, but if you are I apologize, I'm working on getting better.

So, last post I was talking about the buddy system for exercise, and it is a good thing. I forgot, however, to mention how important it is to be sure that your schedules match up! *sigh* I haven't been able to go walking with my walking buddy in a while and that makes me sad, I enjoyed it very much. SO, make sure that you have a similar schedule with your exercise buddy.

Moving right along:

I was going to talk about various ways to work veggies and fruits into your diet, but I've completely forgotten what I was going to say and I've changed direction a little bit since then. Go figure. I do still eat fruits and veggies, but I'm focusing more on the moment on getting plenty of protein and healthy fats and cutting back a bit on carbs. I'm not doing Atkins. I'm not following a fad diet. I'm doing something that makes me feel better physically and has worked for me in the past.

So, why lower carb? Part of the reason is my blood sugar and the way I've been reacting to carbs lately. Sugary and starchy foods seem to be giving me all sorts of problems when I eat them- sugar spikes and crashes, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks and mood swings. I was constantly craving and looking for my next "fix" of sugar or starch. It was getting ridiculous so I took steps.

So look for low carb information and ideas to start creeping in along with everything else on here. I still hoop (new hoop in the mail, yay!) I've gotten a bike- nice long bike rides are awesome. I'm still working towards my fitness goals. And I am going to TRY to get something posted here on a regular basis!

For now here's a link to a blog called Salad in a Jar that is just awesome- the idea is to make having salad for at least one meal per day incredibly easy and therefore insure said daily salad intake. I am now desperately searching for a reasonably priced vacuum sealer with a wide mouth jar attachment because I love this idea so much! Salads are awesome for anyone trying to loose weight because they are so versatile- doing low carb? Add nuts, meat and cheese and fiber rich low sugar and starch veggies with a tasty dressing or vinagrette. Low fat or low calorie? Still a good option, just keep the dressing light and make the additions lower calorie. Just imagine a salad like a blank slate- anything goes and you can eat a different salad every day- it doesn't have to be boring.

Well, that's all for now. Time to go get ready for work (part of the reason I am so terrible about posting regularly!!!).

Edit: Forgot my flog and my elog!


Breakfast- pumpkin puree with a little butter and pumpkin pie spice, coffee

Lunch- bacon, 1/2 of a raw zucchini, 1/2 of another squash (I can't remember what it was called) some tomato slices and blue cheese dressing.

Dinner- 2 low carb muffins (Recipe HERE)

Snacks- pepperoni, almonds, cheese


Didn't get out today, but was quite busy running around at work :P


  1. Hi Celeste, Very interesting post. I love your philosophy. Thanks for the link. If you are able to find a vacuum-pack machine, I hope it helps. It has definitely helped me. With more food in the house since I've started blogging, I depend on my salad lunches more than ever to help me stay where I want to be on the scales. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog, I really do love the idea of making salad so easy and fresh and convenient, and I am always looking for new ways to spice up my food life :)