Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My new hoop is here!

Just got my new collapsible hoop today and I love it! It's one of the figure 8 swivel fold deals and so nice and pretty in sparkling pink and black :)

It was enough to get me off my behind and out to the park today for about 2 hours. The new hoop is a little lighter than my regular one (regular one is 1.5" 160 psi, this one is 3/4" 160 psi) so it flies around so quick and easy- more work to keep it going but off body tricks and quick direction changes are a lot gentler on my arms and hands. Had a great time even if it was smoking hot out and I think I drank at least a half gallon of water I was sweating so much. Gonna try to get out again tomorrow.


Breakfast- 3 home made low carb muffins and coffee

Lunch- cheeseburger, used lettuce leaves instead of a bun and had tomatoes, onions and pickles on it. Some pork rinds and nacho cheese.

Dinner- baked chicken breast, fresh steamed summer squash

Snacks- almonds, celery with blue cheese dressing some beef jerky, 1 bad for me awful sugary treat (a nutty bar)

ELog- Hooped for a couple of hours in the park, had a blast!

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  1. Yeah, Celeste is back. So glad to read about your update. You update your blog about as much as I update mine. Alas, I still cannot hoop. Stay well