Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Must stop slacking!

It's been a little while since my last post, sorry!

Today I am going to talk about why I love summer- fresh produce and farm stands, beautiful weather to exercise in, the ability to wear flip flops and not look like an idiot...

So first off, I LOVE veggies. Seriously. Try to name a veggie I don't like. I bet you can't do it. I'll be honest too, if you manage to name a veggie I dislike I will bow my head in defeat. So when I say that summer produce makes me happy I mean it!

So, what to do with all this delicious produce? I've been roasting them in the oven. Oh. My. Goodness. Are veggies ever tasty when you roast them! Squash, mushrooms, broccoli, eggplant, onions, peppers.... *Drool* It's a beautiful thing! Easy as pie too- wash and dice some veggies of your choice (try to stick with fairly soft or small stuff) into 1/2 to 1 inch cubes, toss with some olive oil, garlic and seasoning and spread out on a cookie sheet. Bake in a hot oven till it starts to blister and brown. Remove from oven, refrain from eating straight off of the cookie sheet, and enjoy. Did this tonight with some eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, and onion. Served it with pan sauteed tillapia breaded with crushed Triscuits. AWESOME dinner. :D

Now, weather. Here in south eastern Colorado we have been blessed with a LOT of gorgeous days, and I am finding that unlike Florida (where I've lived most of my life) I really REALLY like being outdoors here. It's just gorgeous, the sky is so blue and big, the air is soft, the sun feels like heaven on my skin, and it's PERFECT to get out and get active in! Only thing I have to be careful of is to make sure to stay hydrated and spend a lot of time in the shade. I've been hooping every day this week so far, and getting to the point that I am starting to push myself a little harder. Trying harder to work up a sweat and really use some large muscle groups. So I've incorporated some squats, sped things up a bit and have been working on moving the hoop to different levels on my body (you have to work a bit harder to bring the hoop up from your knees to your waist for example). Really pushed myself hard today and loved every minute of it! I'm getting concerned though- what am I gonna do when the weather gets icky? I have to start thinking about this now before I get stuck and out of practice... Wonder if I can find a gymnasium near by? Anyone with ideas feel free to share. I do NOT want to relapse over the winter!

So, not a lot of substance in this post, and I apologize for that, I promise to come up with a really good idea for the next one!

Oh, by the way, another 2 pounds since my last doctor visit, for a grand total of 44 since May. ONLY 6 MORE TO GO TILL MY FIRST GOAL!!! WHOOO!!!

I'm just a little bit excited :D As it is I've already lost more weight than I ever have before so I feel accomplished! I got into my "skinny" jeans (hey, size 20 may not be "skinny" but it's definitely smaller than the 26 I was at 4 months ago!) the other day, so things are looking good all around!

Till next time,


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