Friday, April 9, 2010

On the road again... (or spring cleaning!)

So, every spring most people have a round of what we all know as spring cleaning. Opening up the windows, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, deep cleaning, airing out and fixing up. Basically getting the winter blahs out of the house. Well, here's to spring cleaning... ME! Time to dust off my hoops, hit the park, kick my bad winter habits and get back on the road to a healthier happier me!

Glad to say that I spent all day at the park today with my son and husband. I hooped, I showed a bunch of kids how to do it too :D. I also got to throw an Aerobie (Frisbee type ring thing) around with my husband, what fun! Tons of fresh air and sunshine and music, I think I'm getting my head back on straight :D

All in all a nice active day. Food choices weren't, well... choice. To say the least, but portions weren't out of control and that's a start.

Daily FLog (food log)

Breakfast- coffee and skim milk with hazelnut syrup, tons of water (bad Celeste, I know breakfast is important!)

Lunch- Buffalo chicken pizza and chicken wings. Water. (Terrible terrible. I can only defend myself by saying that this is why we are supposed to eat breakfast. I hooped for an hour or so before hand and was SO hungry!)

Snack- small handful yogurt covered pretzels. (should have had fruit *sigh*)

Dinner- Shrimp Alfredo spaghetti with spinach. (Home made, a lot of spinach not as much pasta... not TOO bad...)

Snack- 3 musketeers truffle crisp bar... (chocolate. nuff said.)

ELog (exercise log)
All day long at the park hooping and playing and so on.

Looks I'm back on track with physical activity, but I definitely need to get my eating back under control if I'm going to get where I want to be before it gets cold again!!

No idea where my weight is, but I did have to switch to a smaller ring on my wedding ring finger, so that's a good sign :D (I want to get my wedding ring sized down to fit me, but we're waiting till I get where I want to be first)

Ok, I did it, blogged 2 consecutive days, yay! Go me!

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