Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One foot in front of the other...

Very short post. It's late. I'm tired. Here goes:

1. A support buddy is the best thing in the world for making healthier choices. I now have a walking buddy and it's awesome. Days that I would roll over and go back to sleep instead of walking if it were just me I now grumble, get out of bed and go meet her to walk. It's actually sad that I'm so willing to let myself down. But whatever, it's working :D

2. Planning ahead really does help. I can resist unhealthy temptation all day if I just have the right healthy snacks with me. Today was a small handful of brazil nuts and a ripe juicy pear. Helped me resist chips and candy so yay!

Breakfast: Wendy's- 4 nuggets, oranges, bottle of water and about 1/3 of a kid ice cream.
Lunch: healthy choice frozen dinner thingy, a biscuit and a bunch of water.
Dinner: 2 small home made tacos.
Snacks: Apple, pear, Brazil nuts, tiny ice cream cone. drank water all day, had 1 cup of coffee.

Walked with friends for a while. worked 8 hour shift on my feet.

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